The Scientist Program of Al Azhar International Boarding School

The Scientist Program of Al Azhar International Boarding School

The Scientist Program – It is a new curriculum for new boarding school in Karanganyar, Center of Java. It’s AAIIBS. There are four program, they are scientist, ulama’, entrepeneur, and profesional. Each of program have a special curriculum. Here, we will publish about the scientist program.


To become a regeneration center for muttaqin Scientists who have the competence to think critically, creatively, collaboratively, communicate and solve problems in the surrounding environment


1. Providing educational services that have a scientific research atmosphere in the context of realizing human resources capable of mastering, developing, and applying research results as problem solvers in various scientific fields

2. To establish cooperative relationships with various research institutions both national and international

3. Actively participating in various national and international scientific work competitions

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Outcome Profile

Students are able to plan, implement, publish scientific papers and apply them in order to solve problems

Competence of The Scientist Program

1. Scientific nature: is the main subject that must be mastered by students as a scientist. Students will be instilled with various scientific traits such as concern, curiosity, critical thinking, objective, honest, open minded, visionary, and so on.

2. Research Methods: a systematic research implementation that must be mastered and applied in every scientific research implementation

3. Scientific Research: every student is obliged to make research in accordance with his / her area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest. This activity will hone students’ curiosity, student sensitivity to problems, hypotheses, to problem solving which are packaged in the systematic writing of scientific papers

4. Scientific Publication: The results of student research are then documented in a publication journal both internally and in accredited journals both nationally and internationally

5. Mastery of Technology: is a mandatory competency that must be embedded in students in order to prepare a generation capable of existing in the era of computerization and robotics.

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6. Mastery of Foreign Languages: is an added value for students as well as a service to communicate with the world community

7. Innovation work: is an appropriate product created or developed by students in order to facilitate society in solving various jobs or problems at hand

8. Public Speaking: is a skill that must be possessed by students to communicate research results to the scientific community through dissemination and Forum Group Discussion

Event of The Scientist Program

1. Scientific Paper Competition

2. Innovation Work Exhibition

3. Visits to Research Institutions

4. English Course for Research

5. Proposal Seminar

6. Dissemination of Research Results

7. Forum Group Discussion across institutions and across countries

8. Mechanichal, Electronic and Robotical Course

9. Guest lecturers (researchers from various fields)

Thats’s the scientist program I arrange. Comment please. Thanks…

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